Monday, October 16, 2017

Pick your favorite box of floss give-away, enter now!

We are quickly approaching the holiday season.....the season of giving.....but I like to do that all year lets give away YOUR favorite box of floss! Yes, you get to pick which one you would like!
Autumn Colors?  
Or maybe Grandmother's Favorite Quilts
Or Farmhouse Memories?

You will pick which one you would like to receive. Others to choose from are shown on previous posts:
Antique Dried Flowers
Forever in My Heart, a Tribute to Sisters
Southern Appalachian Wildflower Collection
Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
Treasures in the Attic Trunk
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
The Old Spinning Wheel
Star Spangled Banner II
Christmas Collection
Sleepy Hollow II Collection
Spring Flowers
Favorite Rose Collection
My Mother's Flower Garden
Heirloom Treasures

I think that gives you quite a selection to choose from!
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You must post a comment here. Tell me which boxed collection you would like. Each one has a $27.00 value.

****Post on your blog, stitching group or Facebook and get 100 more entries! We want a lot of stitchers to have a chance to enter.

Note: For every 100 entries I will select a winner! Makes your odds of winning much better.

Drawing to be November 7th. Good luck to all who enter!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Autumn Colors floss give-away, enter now, and a winner today!

Autumn in Vermont, Frosted Mums, Cornshocks, Appalachian Trail, Autumn's Gift, Autumn Pumpkin Patch, Glorious Sugar Maple, Glory of Autumn, Eastern Red Maple, Burning Bush and Frost & Cider
Lets give away another set of this gorgeous Autumn Colors floss!
But first......we have a winner today for the Autumn Colors floss collection. The name drawn was Marilyn (WI). Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.
Now lets give away another box and include a skein of my favorite variegated Very Merry Red. I have decided that all boxes of this floss will receive a free skein of this red. I love to share!
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Drawing to be October 25th so hurry and enter.
Be sure you have entered the Sleepy Hollow II give-away. Lots of spooky colors to stitch your Halloween and primitive designs.
We are quickly approaching the holiday favorite time of the year (I am going through all the Christmas boxes this week as the house is decorated on November 1st).
There will be lots of give-aways so check back often to enter. I love to share all year long.....but especially through the Christmas season.
Have a lovely day.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Birthday Club and Linen Club winners today

We have a few lucky winners today. I was extremely busy yesterday with invoices, packing, and printing shipping labels. It now takes 15 hours to do all 4 clubs. I want to thank all of you for joining and making all of this possible.

Now to the winners.
The Birthday Club for October:
The lucky name drawn was Teresa S and her birthday will be on the 31st. We want to wish her a very Happy Birthday! And to all of you who have a birthday this month. I hope it is a very special one.

For the Linen Club (one free month) we have two winners:
Laura M follows by email and
Dirt Road Primitives

Please send me an email with your address and the linen count you use the most. I will pick a special color for you to create something lovely.

Congratulations!!! Have a great day!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Did you get your club invoice today?

All of the club invoices have gone out this morning. For all three floss clubs and the new linen club.

Thank you for such a great response. I will show an updated photo of the limited edition linen colors tomorrow. Half of the linen in the previous photos has been sold.

Please let me know if you did not receive your invoice this morning.

Orders will be packed over the next few days and go out by the 5th as usual.

Have a great day.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Limited Edition Linen Colors

Here are a few of the linen colors I am dyeing....I like the limited editions....a one time color....grab it while you can.....but I will also carry stock colors. Sometimes I dye the first color base and then customize it when I am ready. A rose tine....yellow or amber tint, etc.
These are the basic light colors. Antique Champagne is a light yellowed cream with mottling.  I still need to photograph that one. Second photo shows the Mottled Cream and Victorian Rose Blush.  Here are some of the others: Top left fabric is a light cream parchment. Nice if you like a white/cream fabric.

Third and fourth photos shows some of the limited edition 1/8 and 1/4 pieces available in 32ct.

Nest we have some of the limited edition pieces in 36ct

And last we have some smaller pieces in 40ct.

These are so much nicer in person. You can see the mottling/shading better. But unless you come visit will just have to select from the photos. LOL
If you missed the pricing it is
1/8 is $9
1/4 is $19
1/2 is $39.
Custom order full yards are $70-75.

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to put away the dye pot for today!

Remember your club invoices for floss and linen will go out tomorrow. If you want to add anything be sure to let me know as soon as possible.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sleepy Hollow II Collection give-away, enter now!

The Sleepy Hollow II Collection is very popular....and I thought we would give another set away since we are almost into October and fall decorating. And spooky stitching!
We have Headless Horseman II, Ichabod Crane II, Brim Bones, Church Graveyard, Spellbound, School Master, Fiery Eyes, Ghostly Hollow, Dark Horse, Pumpkin Head, Katrina Von Tassel and Enchantment. Lots of goodies from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

*****I will add a surprise skein to all boxes sold in October and one included in the give-away.

$27.99, plus postage, for orders

Lets give a box away!!!! You knew I was going to do that.....

Rules: Same as always. You MUST be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends. You MUST post a comment here.
Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!!!
Drawing to be.......Halloween of course! Lots of time to enter so tell your friends.

Hand Dyed Linen Colors and club info

It has been a very busy week with boxing floss for the 3 clubs and now the hand dyed linen club. I had hoped to show pictures of the linen colors yesterday but personal things got in the way. I will show some linen on Saturday. Then if you would like to add any to your floss club order I can add it to the invoice. I will have several colors available in 28, 32, 36 and 40ct.
Invoices for the floss clubs will go out on Sunday. If you have any changes please let me know as soon as possible.

The pre-paid (for the year) shipments have gone out today since the floss was ready to ship.

I was asked if I use cold water dyes or hot. I use hot. And the linen is heat set with a 400 degree press.

Thank you again to all of you in the floss clubs and all the new members in the hand dyed linen club. I truly appreciate your business.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

New linen, and some Floss and Linen club questions for you

It has been a very busy month with lots of linen going out to new customers. Thank you very much. I will be adding stock colors  soon.
I dyed two colors for the Linen Club for October. A basic mottled cream and a Victorian Blush which is a cream with a very slight mottled rose tint. See second photo. (shown are 36 and 40ct but I will do these in 32 and 28ct too) I may do a small sampler on this linen soon. I think the basic mottled cream will be great with other tints as well.

If you tried the linen last month and want to stay in the club please let me know.
If you want to join the linen or floss clubs you can join at any time during the month for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months,  or auto ship each month until you decide to cancel.

 If your floss club membership is expiring please let me know if you want to continue this month as I will be sending out invoices on the first for all the clubs.
***You can also switch from floss to the linen club. I have had several do this since they have a huge assortment of hand dyed floss from the club.

I purchased 28 count linen this month and will begin dyeing it this week and is available for the October club shipment. Mottled cream, Victorian Rose, Autumn Browns, Parchment, etc. I will try to do a list of colors available in all counts soon.
Fat 1/8 is $9
Fat 1/4 is $19
Fat 1/2 is $39
Full yards available upon request and vary from $70-75 per yard.

Thanks for stopping by. I am headed to the dye pot!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Autumn Colors, enter now to win this gorgeous boxed set!

Autumn in Vermont, Frosted Mums, Cornshocks, Appalachian Trail, Autumn's Gift, Autumn Pumpkin Patch, Glorious Sugar Maple, Glory of Autumn, Eastern Red Maple, Burning Bush and Frost & Cider

With the return today of this set of floss (from my trusty elves who carded it for me), I will be boxing it tonight and I think I need to give a box away! Don't we always give one away from a new collection?

****The first 10 boxes.... NO 20! NO.....lets do 30!!!! sold will receive an EXTRA skein of my deeply variegated Very Merry Red. My all-time favorite red. I will include one in the give-away too.

These are limited to 100 boxes with 12 skeins in each one. They are available from me at $27.99 plus postage. Email if you would like one.
Shown on my new Autumn Browns hand dyed linen....dramatic Autumn Reds, oranges, golds and a green.
Lets get to the give-away!
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If we have more than 200 enter I will add a second box to the drawing.
Drawing to be......October 7th. Hurry and tell your friends to enter too.

And did you sign up for the hand dyed linen give-away?
And have you sent me the month and date of your birthday for the Birthday Club?? Get busy!! LOL

Good luck to all who enter!
                                               Nancy aka The Floss Queen

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hand dyed linen give-away, enter now!

I am never too busy for a give-away for my Faithful Followers. Lets give away some hand dyed linen! A free month in the  new Linen Club!

I have been swamped with individual orders this week. I was going to show some pictures and I was simply too busy. I have a few pictures today.....I am never real happy with my photos but this will give you an idea of a few colors.
Some of my antique sampler or parchment are simply mottled a bit with a darker cream on a light cream.

These colors are more mottled and I think the Autumn Browns is my new favorite. I dyed 36ct linen for this one:
I think it is a little darker than this photo and very rich looking. If you like Autumn, primitive or Halloween stitching, you will love this one.
Then I have some Light Caramel, tans, pale green and Sage (bottom and it is a little greener than this photo)

The pricing is Fat 1/8  $9
Fat 1/4 is $19
Fat 1/2 is $39

I have 32,36 and 40ct. So in your comment please tell me what count and color you like.

Lets give away some hand dyed linen.
Rules: You must be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends.
You must post a comment here.
Share on your blog, stitching group or Facebook and get 100 more entries!

Drawing to be October 1st, the day I ship out the Linen Club and Floss Club shipments. I will draw two names and give a 1/4 yd, a $19 value, to two lucky winners.

Good luck to all who enter.

Friday, September 1, 2017

New Autumn Colors Collection and Club invoices go out today

Such a busy invoices will be going out for the 3 floss clubs and the new Linen Club. I want to thank the 21 new members who signed up this week. You can join for as many months as you would like. Quite a few of you also added a piece of linen to your floss club shipments and I thank you. Adding the linen has added a lot more work but I really love dyeing the fabrics. I will show pictures soon.....hopefully this weekend.

The floss club shipments will go out on the 5th as usual. If you would like to add any linen or floss to your order just let me know. I will add it to your invoice.

If you have not received your invoice by this evening be sure to email me.

I have one more new collection of floss that has just been sent out to be carded by my 3 faithful elves. It is my new Autumn Colors Collection. Lots of reds, gold, brown, oranges and an Autumn Green. Here is a peek at what is being carded. They will be back in a couple weeks and I will show them again when carded and boxed and also give a set away so stay tuned.

Thanks again for being Faithful Friends!


September Birthday Club winner today!

We have a name drawn today for the Birthday Club. We all want to wish Christin Collins a very Happy Birthday!!! Christin will be celebrating on the 6th but we want to extend our early birthday wishes. And to all of you who have September birthdays I want to say Happy Birthday and I hope your day is wonderful and surrounded by loved ones.


Monday, August 28, 2017

A Linen Club? Yes!

I have had a couple.....actually 5 now.....ask me about the possibility of a linen club.
I was thinking that many of you would have enough floss after being in the floss clubs this year and now you might like to try limited edition linens. The linen I will be dyeing is 32, 36 and 40 count. I may add some 28 the next time I order. I actually might have some 28 in stock but will need to do these others first.

The price for the linens:

13x18" or 14x17"   will be $9.00 plus postage. The same postage as the floss club. $2.67 unless we have a postal increase.
If you still get floss and want to add linen it will add $1 to your current postage cost.

17x29" or 18x26" will be $19.00 plus $2.67 postage.

29x35" will be $39.00 plus $3.45 postage.

I  buy my 36 and 40ct linen from Wichelt and use Edinburgh and Newcastle for my base fabric I dye.
My 32ct Belgian linen I purchased a couple years ago.

So let me know if you are interested in the Linen Club or if you simply want to try the linen. Shipments can start on the 1st with the floss clubs. Yes you can switch from floss to linen, no problem. Or add linen to your floss shipments but I need to know right away. I will be dyeing linen all week. I will start with light, mottled fabrics and start showing them later this week.(or as soon as all these dark clouds go away I can take some photos) Cream, tan, sage, etc. Nothing crazy or drastic. When I have a darker or dramatic fabric I will show it here for purchases.

Month to month on the linen club. Try it once or go on auto ship....your choice. Or simply add it once to your floss order to give it a try.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of my products. I always try to bring you quality merchandise at an affordable price to save you money. I do not sell to stores because they would raise the price and defeat my purpose.

I will have a linen give-away in a couple days when I can take some photos so stay tuned.
                                                    Nancy.....the dye Queen

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Flower Seeds 1899 fabric, floss and frame kits

I had a wonderful visit with my friends and now it is back to work. I showed them my newest kit, a pattern I stitched a couple years ago and sold as a kit to make a pocket to put packs of flower seeds. Well I took it apart and mounted it to foam board and framed it in one of our mini motto frames. This style is rustic as it has no grooves in it to dress it up. Adorable....a little fashioned......

I simply pinned it with regular pins (since I moved so many things this past week I couldn't find the stainless pins) and then I used score tape, 1/4 inch wide, and put it on the foam board and pressed it down. Removed the pins and finished. The tape is acid free for framing. Then I put mat board on the back and the flex tabs on the frame hold everything in place.

There are a couple options for you....The model shown above is stitched on 32ct Sage linen I dyed. It is also available on antique Cream 32ct linen. To fit this frame you need 32ct. It's a little hard to see in the photo but there is roughly 1/4 inch top and bottom. The frame has an opening of 4-1/2" x 9-1/2". The little kit is complete with the pattern, linen and over dyed floss in shades of rose, taupe and two sage greens. The kit is $19 plus $2.67 postage. If you want to add the frame it is an additional $29 and the postage increases to $6.00 in the states. The frame comes with the backing and the wire hanger attached. You will need foam board to mount your little stitched piece. Actually you could tape it right to the acid free mat board but the back might look a little untidy unless you cover it.
These little frames will be available in about 1 week. We are in the process of making quite a few as they sell quickly. I use them for my mini motto kits.
You can pre-order now, email me at Payment is required to order.
When I have time I will stitch the other model on the cream linen and show it to you but I think you can imagine it with a lighter color background. I prefer the sage color myself.

Back to cutting linen and getting the dye pot ready for a marathon.............

I am dyeing more linen in 32,36 and 40ct. I sold quite a bit when my friends came to shop. I will show the linen soon and give you colors and counts available. I will give you the best prices I possibly can until there is an increase in the wholesale cost.
The 13x18" or 14x17" will be $9 each. The 17x29" and 18x26" will be $19.00 each. The 29x35" will be $39 each.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hand dyed linen, 32,36 and 40ct coming soon

I have been dyeing lots of linen in several counts the past couple weeks. I will start showing it to you next week as I am busy getting ready for 10 stitching friends to visit me on Tuesday (the ebay store is on vacation hold for another week) and I wanted to have some of the new linen dyed. I started with gentle mottled colors in several shades and a few semi-darks.

I have had 4 ladies ask me if I would consider a linen club of my limited edition colors. I will consider it. Maybe....but no promises just yet. I will have a quite a few colors, counts, and sizes each  month to show you.

So stay tuned for some great linen, always great prices.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Three Birthday winners today!!

Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes and blessings. I count you all as friends and life is good! I am not thrilled about turning 65 today........but each year we have is a blessing from above.

Three names were drawn from the hat today......three lucky winners who will receive a box of floss from me as I share my birthday celebration today.
Lydia Stevenson
and Grandma Judy

Congratulations!!!! I hope you enjoy your gift from me. Please send me an email with you address.

I am taking today off......most of it. A work-a-holic can't take an entire day off! lol Besides....I have bolts of 65 yards of linen that needs to be cut into pieces to dye......part of my next give-away after I get a bunch of colors and counts dyed. I am doing 32, 36 and 40 count linens. Gorgeous linens even before they are dyed. And they will go into the new linen cupboard that I splurged and bought.....which I will show when it is full of linens.

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful birthday celebration.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Did you get your floss club invoice this morning?

All of the invoices have gone out for the floss clubs this morning. 3-1/2 hours of sending invoices but I am finally done. Please let me know if you did not receive yours or if you need to add anything to your order.

You can join the floss clubs at any time during the month. And you can add other items to combine postage.

Thank you once again. I appreciate all of you who are in the clubs. I really enjoy creating and sending out all these new colors each month.

Have a nice day.


August Birthday Club Winner today!

We have the name drawn for the Birthday Club for August. Happy Birthday Denise McLoughlin!!  Please send me an email  Denise and give me your address. Her birthday is on the 7th and we all want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. And to all of you who have  a birthday this month......I hope you all have a very special birthday celebration.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hand Dyed Linen questions for you

I will have more hand dyed Limited Editions linens soon. I do have a couple questions for you and I would love to hear from you.

I have dyed quite a few yards of 32ct in the past and they sell out quickly. I will also do some 36ct and 40ct this time too. Small batches of each color. I love limited editions and they can be substituted for called for colors or just be creative and use you own mix of fabric and colors. I will show you these colors when they are finished. And I will also have a give-away each month for linen. No plans for a linen club....yet!

Yes I know there are a lot of companies that do hand dyed linens. But I do try to price my items less expensive to save my stitching friends some money.

My question today is what size pieces do you prefer to buy?

My fat 1/8 will be 14 x 17".  $10
Fat 1/4 will be 17 x 29"         $20
Fat 1/2 will be 29 x 35"         $40-42
Unless wholesale prices change again. If I get a sale I will reduce prices on that batch.

What type of shading do you like? I like to do a nice mottled look and not real drastic. These will be more mottled than pieces I have previously dyed. Some will have two colors for effect.

I tried to prices these to give you a nice discount.

I have sold full yard pieces in the past but 1/2 yards seem to be enough for samplers and the smaller pieces were requested many times. I might add some full yard pieces each month. They will be around $70-76, depending on the count.

I am amazed at the wholesale prices when I just purchased linen last week. Prices have definitely gone up since I purchased a few years ago. Some have doubled and there were no specials or sale prices. Of course not. Everyone is dyeing linen these days so they don't have to offer sales to us. Good old supply and demand.

I just dyed some beautiful colors for a retreat and I will start dyeing more after the floss club orders go out in a few days.

Floss Club invoices go out tomorrow. If you need to change anything (some switch clubs to round out their collections) or if you need to add any singles or boxed collections please let me know as soon as you can.

I would love to hear from you regarding the size pieces you usually buy or any questions you have for me. You can post your answer here to email me.

Thanks so much for your time.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Join me for my Birthday Give-away!

Once again I will be sharing my birthday with my followers. I will draw 3 names to receive a gift on my birthday! Join me in the fun of celebrating another year.....a very busy year.....a fun year.....lets celebrate together!

I will select boxes of floss from the many new collections that I have put together during the past few months. I have a lot to celebrate, a lot to be thankful for, and I love to share.

Rules to enter: You must be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends
You must post a comment here. Post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, stitching group, etc. and receive 100 more entries!

Drawing to be on my birthday, August 14th. Good luck to all who enter!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Surprise Present WINNERS today!

It's all about giving and sharing with others. And it is always my pleasure to give back to the stitching community. I love to share all year long, but I especially love Christmas. In December or July. I have had a wonderful time giving gifts to my stitching friends once again with Christmas in July.

Today I have drawn TWO names from the hat for our last drawing for a surprise present. Kim Reid and Rina Mason. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.

AND.......there is a great Birthday Celebration give-away coming up next and you don't want to miss it!

                                        Santa Nancy

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Grandmother's Favorite Quilts floss collection winner today!

We have a winner today for a colorful box of floss called Grandmother's Favorite Quilts. Lovely names of quilt patterns matched to beautiful colors. A $27.99 value.


The lucky name drawn this morning was Tedra. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.

We have one more drawing  still have time to enter.....for a nice surprise gift from me. This is so much fun giving out presents for Christmas in July. Thank you for joining  in the fun!

The Birthday Club drawing is on the 1st. Be sure I have the month and day of your birthday. I draw a name each month and give away a nice gift. Usually floss!

              Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Floss Club Winner today!!

We have a winner today for one free month in the floss club of her choice. A box of 12 skeins of Limited Editions or Primitive Limited Editions. A $27.99 value.
The lucky name drawn today was Emily C. Please send me an email with your selection and your address.

There are two drawings left so make sure you have signed up for them so you have a chance of me drawing your name!

                                           Santa Nancy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Southern Appalachian Wildflowers Winner today!

Santa Nancy thought the Southern Appalachian Wildflowers would be a nice gift to give to one lucky person. 12 skeins, 20 yards each, in a gift box with a bow and a fold over card.
Wake Robin, Catesby's Trillium, Beardtongue, Downy Lobelia, Bluestar, Smooth Rockcress, Fern Frond, Gray's Lily, Flame Azalea, Indian Paintbrush, Columbine, and Southern Red Trillium.

We have a lucky winner today! The name drawn was Joan in VA. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.

I still have presents to give away so be sure you have entered the last few drawings for Christmas in July. I think I have the best job in the world....sharing with others.

                       Santa Nancy

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Old Spinning Wheel Collection winner today!

We have a winner today for The Old Spinning Wheel Collection. A $27.99 value. 12 skeins, 20 yards each.
Lamplight Spinning, Hand Dyed Fibers, Country Linens, Lamb's Wool, Hand Spun, Primitive Fibers, Spinning Wheel, Loom Shuttle, Shepherd's Crook, Antique Loom, Carding Wool and Cottage Yarn

The lucky name drawn this morning was Fran Caswell. Congratulations! Please email me and give me your address.

There is still time to enter the remaining drawings for Christmas in July. You never might be a winner!

                                    Santa Nancy

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Star Spangled Banner Collection winner today!

We have a winner for the Star Spangled Banner Collection today. The lucky name drawn is hulahoney52. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.

There are still 5 drawings left for Christmas in July so hurry and enter if you have not already done so. You may be a lucky winner!
Santa Nancy

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Winner for one month free in the Floss Club today!

To continue with Christmas in July at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, I thought I would give a free month in one of my floss clubs. Pick from Limited Editions or Primitive Limited Editions. A beautiful box of 12 skeins, 20 yards each, with a bow and a gift card. Please tell me your choice.
The lucky name drawn today was Leah Baumgardner. Congratulations! Please send me an email and give me your selection and your address.

Thank you to all who are entering the Christmas in July give-aways. You still have time to enter the ones I have not drawn yet. Lots of goodies left!!!!

                                           Santa Nancy

Friday, July 21, 2017

Christmas in July winners starts today!!

Santa Nancy always has fun with Christmas in July at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Today we have a lucky winner who will get to select the box of floss of their choice!
Farmhouse Memories:

Tree Swing, Covered Porch, Buggy Wheel, Olde Homestead, Chicken Coop, Hay Loft, Summer Kitchen, Vegetable Patch, Mama's Quilt Top, Carrot Patch, Churned Butter and Well Pump.

Nest we have Let Me Call You Sweetheart:
Surrey with the Fringe on Top, Sunday Hayride, Memory Lane, Pressed Flowers, Penny Violets, Stroll in the Park, Sleigh Ride, Picking Daisies, Moonlight Serenade, The Old Mill Stream, Wedding Carnation and Grandma's Beau

The lucky name drawn was not a follower. You must be a follower with my Faithful Friends! This has never happened before...the SECOND name drawn was not a follower! I do check...please be sure you are a follower!
The third name drawn was a follower! Sarah (Sara's Scrappin Spot)

Please send me an email with your choice and your address.

                                                Santa Nancy